Network monitoring with a difference

Monitor websites, servers, and devices. Receive e-mail or SMS alerts when a site or device is down.

For the individual, professional, or small business!

BackEcho Network Monitoring

BackEcho provides a set of tools that allow you to monitor uptime and performance of various devices on your network. You can monitor external (public) devices, such as websites, mail servers, name servers, routers, gateways, and so on. By installing a private agent on your local network, you can monitor internal devices that are local to your network and not visible from the public.

Monthly domain checkups

For public websites, BackEcho will provide you with monthly reports on the health of your domain. Such as DNS configuration, Registration expiration, SSL certificate expirations, and other items.
(Try an interactive domain checkup now for free!).

Public agents

We provide you a public agent to which you can add probes to monitor your website availabilty and performance.

You can also monitor your public gateways to ensure your office or organizations Internet connection is up and running.

Receive notifications via e-mail or SMS when your site or device is not reachable.

(included with all plans, including the free plan)

Private agents

To monitor your internal network servers and devices download and install the private agent.

Monitor your internal LAN network devices such as servers, routers, printers, and so on.

The low overhead agent allows you to monitor your internal network and notify you via e-mail or SMS when devices are not reachable.

(Professional and Business Plans only)

Task Management

Assign and keep track of tasks by device and assigned to your team members.

Visual indicators warn you when a task is getting close to the assigned dead line.

Communicate with your team members in real time.

(Business plan only)

Individual on computer

BackEcho for Personal use

BackEcho is great for personal use. Monitor your personal websites or blog sites. Receive an alert via SMS or E-mail when it goes down. View site performance values to determine response times during diffent times of the day.
The Personal Plan is affordable and perfect for the individual.

BackEcho for the Professional

As a professional you can install your own Agent allowing you to monitor internal network components and external end-points such as your website as seen from within your local network. Monitor your server(s), workstations, routers, firewalls, and so on. You can configure SMS and E-mail notifications for each device you are monitoring.

Professional on board

Team on board

BackEcho for your business

BackEcho for Business extends the Personal and Professional features set with support for multiple Agents that you can install on multiple local networks. Monitor multiple branch office locations, or for the case that you are an IT support house, multiple client locations. For each location you can configure SMS and E-mail notifications on each monitored device.