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About BackEcho

Thank you for expressing interest in BackEcho.

BackEcho was inititally developed for in-house use by our network support department. We wanted something easy and quick, without the overhead of many complex and specialized features. When our clients saw the simplicity of BackEcho we decided to make it available to other technical support and network professionals who just need a quick solution to monitor the availablity of websites and or devices in their networks.

LII Design & Development

BackEcho is brought to you by Logan Industries Inc. (LII), a privately held corporation specializing in software design, consulting services, and distribution. The company headquarters are located in the Technology Center on Florida's Space Coast.

LII designs high quality software that is Internet aware and written to take advantage of the Internet as a communications medium. Target operating systems include Windows, Linux, IOS, on desktop and mobile platforms.


LII is privately managed by Alex Soya, who acts as President and Senior Software Engineer. Alex has extensive experience in the computer industry ranging from embedded development to algorithm design and implementation on numerous platforms.


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